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The mobile field kitchen Karcher TFK 250 is the designation of the series of a tactical field kitchen from the German manufacturer Kärcher Futuretech. The Karcher TFK 250 field kitchen is mounted on an off-road single-axle trailer. It is designed to prepare menus for up to 250 people or simple dishes for up to 600 people. All parts that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel to provide protection against contamination. The TFK 250 was developed for the German Armed Forces and has been in use there since 1989 at the latest.

Mobile field kitchen Karcher TFK 250 – a top-class all-rounder

Karcher TFK 250 – the TFK 250 tactical field kitchen, manufactured by Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co., was designed for use under “Air-Land-Battle-2000” conditions and is installed on a single-axle trailer.

The Karcher TFK 250 trailer cooking system is designed for the self-sufficient preparation and cooking of one-pot and multi-course meals under field conditions. Equipped with two ovens, two powerful frying pans and two double-walled cooking kettles, the kitchen can do much more than just pea stew or goulash soup. No other infrastructure is required.

Karcher TFK 250 – up to 600 portions in one cooking cycle
The cooking modules are permanently mounted on an all-terrain single-axle trailer. Therefore the entire kitchen unit can be used even on rough terrain.

The mobile field kitchen Karcher TFK 250 is ready for use in approx. 15 minutes and has a capacity of approx. 250 portions per meal in all-day supply. In the case of a disaster or event supply, up to 600 portions of simple meals can be prepared in one cooking cycle. All parts that come into contact with food are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and thus meet the highest hygiene standards. The kitchen can thus be conveniently cleaned and operated in accordance with the HACCP concept.

The mobile field kitchen Karcher TFK 250 has been the model of the German Armed Forces for many years and has also proven itself in many foreign missions.

Karcher TFK 250: Eqipment & Data

Pressure cooker: 2 × 150 litres
Pressure fryer: 2 × 55 litres
Hot water boiler: 2 × 22 litres
Roasting and baking oven: 2 × 78 litres
Burners: 4 DVB-1 burners with 8-18 kW power for diesel, paraffin or paraffin operation, alternatively 4 solid fuel burners
The TFK 250 field cooker is usually equipped with a tarpaulin superstructure that protects against dirt during transport and serves as a roof when unfolded. For extended weather protection, side walls can be added to create a kind of kitchen tent.


Dimension operation: 5,200 mm × 4,780 mm × 2,625 mm
Length trailer: 3,970 mm
Unladen weight: 2,050 kg
Gross vehicle weight with trailer: 2,500 kg
Track width: 1,908 mm
Cooking capacity: 250 to 600 persons
Field kitchen burners: for liquid, solid and gaseous fuels
Cooking methods: Boiling, pressure cooking, simmering, steaming, braising, roasting, pressure frying and baking.








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