Trailer mounted versatile field kitchen system with innovative cooking capabilities, blackout and camouflage features – highly mobile for short notice embarkation.

The FK2000 is a highly mobile self-contained system ideal for Rapid Deployment Forces. The kitchen can be towed by any vehicle, due to light weight and a height adjustable tow bar. The kitchen may also be delivered by aircraft.



FK2000P with lifting eyes


FK2000: Dimensions and weight

In transport: L x W x H: 5,0 m x 2,1 m x 2,2 m (17 ft. x 6.8 ft. x 7.3 ft).

In operation: L x W x H: 6,0 m x 3,3 m x 2,3 m (19.7 ft x 10.8 ft. x 7.5 ft)

Dry weight: 1450 kg (3200 lbs)


Trailer specifications

  • One axle with integrated suspension
  • Maximum axle load 1600 kg (3500 lbs)
  • Mechanical brakes with parking brake
  • Tow connection with height adjustment range approx: ..1140 ±50 mm, interchangeable vehicle connectors, including 76mm NATO standard tow eye.
  • Maximum load on tow connection 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Standard 12 V trailer tail lights with 13-pin (ISO 11446) vehicle connector and an adapter for 7-pin (ISO 1724).
  • Optionally available: Automatic electronic transformer for ..28 V supply complete with interchangeable adapter cables for 15-pin or 7-pin N+S or 12-pin NATO connector
  • Mud guards (stainless steel) and wheel pegs (2 )
  • Support feet with leveling jacks (2 )
  • Front trolley wheel with leveling jack


Electrical system

  • Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz single phase, (OR Optionally US 120 V AC 60 Hz)
  • Power requirement: 4-3kW depending on the installed equipment
  • Electricity required for burners, lighting,
  • Electrical circuits protected by double pole fuses and RCD
  • Easy access control panel with indicator lights and switches
  • All of the modules are equipped with rugged multipole quick connectors

Power generator

available as option

  1. separate diesel generator set with a transport platform (It is possible to use a suitable generator set of customer’s choice.) OR
  2. on-board diesel generator set in a soundproof compartment (Operating environment temperature +35°C, higher temperatures require that generator is taken out of its’ soundproof compartment when used.).

Fuel system features

  • Fuel: Diesel, LFO or Kerosene, Jet-A, JP-8
  • Centralized fuel tank of approx 90 litres, 24 US Gal (sufficient for up to 2 to 3 days normal usage)
  • Filters on fuel lines
  • Quick couplings for each burner
  • Fuel gauge
  • Solid fuel operation without burner and combustion chamber is possible as a back up (except for the oven)
  • Available option: Fuel system upgrade for arctic climate


  • Electrically driven fuel injection pump and combustion air fan
  • Specially designed combustion chamber for optimal efficiency and complete combustion
  • Electronic control of burner functions
  • 1-pipe fuel connection with recirculation loop for fuel conditioning and de-airing
  • Burner is detachable and easily accessible for maintenance
  • Fuel lines and electric cables are equipped with quick connectors


Shelter and Working area

  • Roof/Protective shelter
  • Gas spring assisted shelter side panels
  • Shelter panels made of aluminum
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Gas spring assisted roof hatches for ventilation
  • Detachable tarpaulins
  • Fixed storage boxes for tools and shelter/tarpaulin accessories
  • Available options:
    • 3 removable storage boxes for kitchen utensils and tools, complete with detachable transport rack
    • Work space and kitchen capabilities can be further extended by connecting the kitchen to an FKE2011 cold storage


Kitchen features

  • Rear preparation area:
    • 150l double walled cooking kettle, tips hydraulically for
    • 20l water heater
  • Front preparation area:

one of the following can be used at a time

  • 2 x frying pan + lid
  • 2 x 60l kettle + lid
  • Other utensils optionally available
  • Detachable worktops with cutting boards
  • 2 x independent diesel burners with thermostatic controls
  • Available option: 150l Oven with forced air convection and diesel burner system
    • GN 1/1 sized, includes 7 x GN1/1 aluminum baking plates
    • forced air circulation by means of electric fan
    • thermostat control and thermometer
    • sealed door with safety latch

Teuvan FK2000: Capacity

This kitchen can feed four basic meals per day to as many as 500 persons or more complex meals four times per day to as many as 250 persons – as many as 2000 meals per day – suitable for Battalion sized units or relief operations.

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