As a standard the kitchen is fitted with a huge 150 l double walled cooking kettle and 2x 20l water heaters. The heat distribution system in the double walled cooking kettle ensures good cooking results and prevents food from being burned.

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Fieldkitchen Kärcher TFK 250 | Army mobile field kitchen Karcher TFK 250


The mobile field kitchen Karcher TFK 250 is the designation of the series of a tactical field kitchen from the German manufacturer Kärcher Futuretech. The Karcher TFK 250 field kitchen is mounted on an off-road single-axle trailer. It is designed to prepare menus for up to 250 people or simple dishes for up to 600 people. All parts that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel to provide protection against contamination. The TFK 250 was developed for the German Armed Forces and has been in use there since 1989 at the latest.

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The FK2000 field kitchen can be used to cook food for as many as 500 persons. The food cooks in a couple of hours, and the kitchen can be used under any conditions. The field kitchen can be made ready for use very quickly and it is lightweight and easy to move.

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The small size and protective frame of the FC30 field cooker make it easy to move. The field cooker can be tipped when supported by its stand. The pot is easy to remove, allowing soot to be cleaned from its outer surface. The field cooker contains stovepipe (three parts) with a spark arrester. The inner pot of the field cooker has a filling scale.

The standard fuel is wood. A gas burner is available as optional extra, using which the heating power can be adjusted with precision.

If several field cookers are being used, they can be stacked on top of each other during transportation.




The Progress field kitchens are part of the original range of field kitchens. Produced thousands of times. Proven in millions of operations. Quality for decades.

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