The FC75 is light and robust field cooker equipped with a 75 liter double walled cooking kettle which utilizes the well proven heat transferring system.

The special liquid filled double walled cooking kettle ensures even heat distribution during cooking and prevents scorching of foods. The liquid is non-freezing and environmentally friendly and the whole heat transferring system is virtually maintenance free. The cooker is made of stainless steel, so it is easy to keep clean and overall life cycle costs are minimal.

From Raw Foods, the FC75 produces up to 180 meals (0,42 liters) 4 times in 24-hour operation. The FC75 can also be converted into a frying pan or water heater with optionally available accessories.

FC75 is mounted on a frame with wheels and skids which makes handling of the unit easy. The kettle can be tilted for easy cleaning.

Several cookers can be combined to provide more capacity or versatility for the kitchen or field cooking.

Field cooker Teuvan FC 75

The FC75 is suitable for catering 150–300 persons. The field cooker is built from stainless steel, so it will be durable and provide many years of service.

The field kitchen is easy to clean as it can be tilted. It is equipped with a stand having both wheels and skis. The stand makes it possible for the field cooker to easily be moved by a single person and it also allows it to be set on soft ground, for example, on top of snow or sand. The inner pot of the field kitchen has a filling scale.

The standard fuel is wood. A gas burner is available as optional extra, using which the heating power can be adjusted with precision.




FC75: Gas burner or diesel burner als extra options:

The cooker is available equipped for LPG (gas) or Diesel, while both versions can also be run with solid fuel (wood).

Liquid fuel is supplied from a Jerry-can. Diesel version includes a compact oil burner and control panel with thermostat. Power generator is needed with Diesel version.

Electricity requirement is 230V AC, 50Hz, 1,6A.


Tecnical Data field cooker Teuvan FC 75

FC75 is light and compact, mass ~81 kg (178 lbs)


L: 1200 mm (4 ft) W: 715 mm (2.3 ft), H: 950 mm (3.1ft)


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