Main parts and functions of LFK150

General kitchen properties

  • Cooking kettle: 150 l double walled kettle (stainless steel) with heat transferring fluid
  • 2 x 20 l water heaters (stainless steel), heated up by exhaust gases. Water heaters can be easily lifted off for cleaning and
  • All lids are hinged and have sealing and latches for secure closing
  • There are safety valves in each lid to prevent excess pressure and vacuum forming
  • Basic model equipped for solid fuel operation (others available as options)
  • Detachable stack system for exhaust gases

field kitchen LFK150


  • Trailer and its’ components are in compliance with requirements of directive 2007/46/EC, vehicle class O1. Instead of an EU type approval, the trailer has been individually approved by national
  • Trailer with one axle, including integrated rubber spring suspension, without brakes
  • Maximum axle load 750 kg
  • Wheel: 155 R13, 4×100
  • Tow connection height adjustment range approx: ..905±50 mm depending on load
  • Supplied vehicle connector for Ø50 mm ball hitch (others available as options)
  • Optionally available height adjustable tow connection with interchangeable vehicle connectors


  • Maximum vertical load on tow connection 100 kg
  • Standard 12V trailer tail lights with 13-pin (ISO 11446) vehicle connector and an adapter for 7-pin (ISO 1724)
  • Front support wheel with levelling jack
  • Mud guards
  • Jerry can holder (optional, included with diesel upgrade)
  • Storage boxes for shelter accessories and exhaust stack system
  • Trailer can be tilted up to a fully standing position easily by lifting from its tow bar. This makes cleaning and emptying of the cooking kettle very easy and also allows the trailer to be stored in minimal floor space.


Materials and color

  • Body and kitchen parts: stainless steel, tow bar and axle: galvanized steel (Optionally available Military green / black finishing, or other colours)

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions in transport Length 2870 mm Width 1620 mm Height 1190 mm
Dimensions, set up Length 2870 mm Width 1620 mm Height 2080 mm
Dimensions, tilted Length 1300 mm Width 1620 mm Height 2830 mm
Tolerances ±30 mm

Weight of standard model approx 320 kg empty.


Optional equipment

Optional LPG fuel upgrade (LFK150 LPG-version)

  • Uses LPG, Liquified Petroleum Gas (Mixture of Propane and Butane)
  • Gas pressure 2 bar, max flow 2,1 kg/h (28 kW maximum heat output power)
  • Burner equipped with power control / shut off valve, flame safety device and piezo-electric
  • Heating power can be continuously adjusted (without steps) between low and
  • Gas burner made of stainless steel
  • Burner is easily installable without Gas pipe with quick connector.
  • Gas tubing and valves installed on trailer body
  • Gas cylinder holder in front of the Place for two 11kg gas cylinders.
  • Pressure regulator for gas cylinder with press on valve, 35mm according to EN 12864 fig.

G.56 (or alternatively: Reverse threaded Ø21,8×1/14 coupling available on request).

  • CE-marked and type approved in accordance with Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC
  • Solid fuel operation without gas burner is possible


Optional Diesel fuel upgrade (LFK150 Diesel-version)

Electrical system

  • 230V AC 50Hz
  • Nominal power requirement 300 W (partially inductive, electric motor load)
  • Burner control panel with operating switch, indicator lights and thermostatic temperature control (adjustment range 20…150°C)
  • Power supply cable with an RCD (Residual Current Device)
  • Diesel generator set not included, available as an option

Burner system

  • Fuel: Diesel or LFO
  • Nominal burner output, fuel 1,8 kg/h (~2,2 l/h) (~21 kW heat output power), when Average fuel consumption depends on many factors, most importantly: the temperature setting, environmental temperature and fill level of the cooking kettle.
  • Electrically driven fuel injection pump and combustion air fan


  • Specially designed combustion chamber for optimal efficiency
  • Electronic control of burner functions
  • 2-pipe fuel system with a jerry can adapter, filter and hand pump on fuel intake line
  • 20 l jerry can for fuel oil
  • Burner is detachable and easily accessible for maintenance
  • Fuel lines and electric cables are equipped with quick connectors
  • Solid fuel operation without burner and combustion chamber is possible as a back up


Optional Transport Cover

  • Light transport cover made of aluminium, painted light grey
  • Protects the kitchen during transport


Optional Protective Tent

  • A Self standing tent shelter 3×3 m and full working height
  • Complete with detachable wall tarpaulins
  • Collapsible support structure is very easy to set up and take down
  • Packs and transports tied down on top of a worktable on the kitchen trailer
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