The Progress 57/4 came from the Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG and was mainly built in the years 1962-1968. The main customer at that time was the German government, which in turn placed it under the command of the German armed forces, as well as many other auxiliary services. It is still in use today and is still performing well after 40 years.

It is distinguished by its operation with solid fuels, as well as with liquid fuels (diesel), but also for use with gas. Next to the roasting pan with 45 L is the single-walled tea kettle with 85 L. On the other side of the field kitchen are 2 double-walled kettles with 70 and 90 litres respectively.


There are 3 different models of Progress field kitchens in this range, each differing in the number of cooking kettles. There is the Progress 57/2, which is equipped with 2 large double-walled boilers of 175 litres each. Then there is the Progress 57/4, which has a roasting pan, a single-walled kettle and a large double-walled kettle. And then finally the Progress 57/5, which is also equipped with a roasting pan, a single-walled boiler and two double-walled kettles of 70 and 90 litres each.

All models can be heated with solid fuel, diesel or gas, although most of these field kitchens have been converted to gas over the years. For this, enormously powerful ring gas burners with an adjustable output of 18-37 KW were used.

A special feature of Progress field kitchens is that the kitchen block and chassis are separate and the kitchen can be detached from the chassis and used separately. In this way, several kitchen blocks can be used side by side in a space-saving manner and thus supply really large crowds.

Progress 57/4: Technical details and equipment

Technical details

Total length (mm): 3,250
Total width (mm): 2,060
Total height (mm): 1,750 (with chimney included)
Gross weight (kg): 1,200
Unladen weight (kg): 1,065
Payload (kg): 135



Double jacket pressurized cooking unit (Ltr): 1×70
Double jacket pressurized cooking unit (Ltr): 1×90
Pressure frying pan (Ltr.): 1×45
Single jacket pressurized cooking unit (Ltr.): 1×85
Operation: 4 pcs. diesel burner Webasto MB10 (diesel, paraffin, paraffin)
alternatively: 4 pcs. Gas burner adjustable 18-37 KW
Alternative: solid fuels (wood, coal, etc.)
Diesel burner Webasto MB10

Heating capacity min.: 9,000 kcal/h
Heating capacity max.: 30,000 kcal/h
Fuel consumption max.: 4L/h


Special Edition PROGRESS 57/5 “STAINLESS STEEL” created by Feldküchencenter

Like many older models, Progress field kitchens are equipped with kettles made of aluminium. Aluminium tends to form hairline cracks over the decades and for this reason is objectionable from a hygienic perspective. Many of these cooking kettles also leak due to continuous cracks at the bottom of the kitchen.

The Feldküchencenter – the pioneering company in Germany when it comes to field kitchens – equips Progress field kitchens with specially designed and built stainless steel kettles. With a few other improvements, this results in the Progress 57/5 Special Edition “STAINLESS STEEL”.




Purchase and sale of mobile field kitchens trailer

[No.12] Kärcher TFK 250

Condition: Generally renovated by Feldküchencenter, very good condition.
Equipment: Overrun brake, car towing hitch, 4 diesel burners (optional conversion to gas possible), new roof tarpaulin, grease fleece, TÜV. The kitchen is ready for use immediately after handover. Price on request

Kärcher TFK 250 generalsaniert


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