We offer you a well-maintained and very comfortable field kitchen type FKH 900 NL. The field kitchen comes from the Progress – Werk Oberkirch AG. With this field kitchen the preparation of full-value menus is easily possible.


  • Pressure cooker (ltr.): 3 x 125
  • Pressure roasting kettle (ltr.): 1 x 55
  • Baking tube: 1 pc
  • Hot water bath (ltr.): 2 x 18
  • Operation: 4 pcs diesel burner
  • alternative: 4 pcs gas burner


The field kitchen is operated with solid fuels (wood, charcoal, etc.) and therefore no complex oil tests or gas approvals are necessary. The pressure cookers can all be heated separately.

The field kitchen has a comfortable working height of approx. 90cm.

In addition, it is equipped with 2 spacious storage boxes (with fold-out feet), which are lined with stainless steel at the top and can thus be used as an additional work surface or serving table. During transport, the storage boxes are attached to the kitchen.



Technical data:

  • Total length (mm): 3,900
  • Total width (mm): 2,100
  • Total height (mm): 1,500 (with chimney included)
  • Gross vehicle weight (kg): 2,220
  • Unladen weight (kg): 2,120
  • Payload (kg): 100


The Progress 900 NL comes from the Progress factory in Oberkirch AG. The kitchen was mainly built for the Benelux countries, but can now also be found in Scandinavia and several countries in Africa.

The Progress 900 NL is a very comfortable and strong mobile field kitchen that is very similar to the Kärcher TFk 250 in terms of basic principle and appearance. In contrast to the Kärcher TFK 250, the Progress 900 NL also has 2 spacious storage boxes that are fixed to the kitchen during transport. Every experienced field kitchen owner appreciates the advantages of large storage boxes. All the accessories needed to operate a field kitchen can be stored in them.

When the kitchen is put into operation, the boxes are removed and placed on the fold-out feet. The boxes are lined with stainless steel at the top so that they can be used wonderfully as work surfaces, but also as serving tables.


Purchase and sale of mobile field kitchens trailer

[No.12] Kärcher TFK 250

Condition: Generally renovated by Feldküchencenter, very good condition.
Equipment: Overrun brake, car towing hitch, 4 diesel burners (optional conversion to gas possible), new roof tarpaulin, grease fleece, TÜV. The kitchen is ready for use immediately after handover. Price on request

Kärcher TFK 250 generalsaniert




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