The FK2000 field kitchen can be used to cook food for as many as 500 persons. The food cooks in a couple of hours, and the kitchen can be used under any conditions. The field kitchen can be made ready for use very quickly and it is lightweight and easy to move.

The FK2000 is a highly mobile self-contained Field Kitchen system, ideal for Rapid Deployment. Due to light weight and a height adjustable tow bar, the kitchen can be towed by any vehicle, it may also be delivered by aircraft.

This trailer mounted versatile field kitchen has innovative cooking capabilities and blackout and camouflage features. It is highly mobile for short notice operation.

As feeding capacity estimation, in 24h operation, FK2000 can produce ~500 meals 4 times per day, total ~2000 meals in 24h, depending on the target group. This assumes cooking raw foods. The use of ready-made foods will increase the yield considerably, 2x or more.



Kitchen features

– Rear preparation area:

  • 150l double walled cooking kettle, which

can be tilted hydraulically for easy cleaning

  • 20l water heater


– Front preparation area:

  • 2 x frying pans with lid (standard delivery)
    • 2 x 60l kettles with lid (alternative option for 1 or both frying pans)
    • 2 x 40l double walled kettles (alternative option for 1 or both frying pans)
    • Other instruments also optionally available


– Detachable worktops with cutting boards

– 2 x independent diesel burners with thermostatic controls


– Optional for Kitchen: 150l oven with forced air convection and diesel burner system

  • GN 1/1 sized, includes 7 x GN 1/1 aluminium baking plates
  • forced air circulation by means of electric fan
  • thermostat control and thermometer

sealed door with safety latch


Features of Teuvan FK2000

The FK2000 is designed for easy of use and minimal maintenance.

Kitchen modules are made of Stainless Steel with tilting or removable easy-to-clean components.

Standardized interchangeable components are used for minimizing life cycle cost.


Teuvan double walled cooking kettles (filled with Glycerol) are not pressurized and there are no contact points (causing hot spots) between inner and outer kettle.

  • For example: when cooking porridge, it will not be burned to these hot spots. It means also, that the kettles are more safe, -service free and -easy to clean for the end user.
  • Teuvan kitchens are not under PED (pressure equipment) Directive
    • Therefore, there are no expensive inspections every second year, according to Pressure vessel regulations
  • In Teuvan kettles the Glycerol (fully safe compound) will not be frozen in any condition.
  • Unpressurized Teuvan kettles are also not so sensitive for failures or knocks.

All previous points above, majorly decrease lifetime costs.


Teuvan 150l oven, with diesel burner and optimized forced air convection, is warming up rapidly.

There is no need for steam generator and water-based steam inside. Practically it maximises the reliability and trouble-free use of the system in all environments.

In this way, the system which needs to be reliable down to – 40°C/F, has no additional equipment or freezing water inside.

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